Covid Measures


We are asking people to use their common sense when it comes to visiting our - or ANY - events. 

If you are feeling ill, DON'T COME.

If you don't feel safe, DON'T COME.

If you have been told to self-isolate, DON'T FUCKING COME


It's really that easy, and yet...

Fortunately, by our very nature, our customers had vaccines early in the roll out and are in a bracket that is now being offered booster shots. 

We are, of course, following all government guidance....

there's just not much of it. 

In September, we were all ready to check NHS passes, but the govt have since done a u-turn and they are no longer a requirement. However, they might be in the future still so I've kept the info for your perusal.

If you show up to our events and are displaying symptoms, you may be asked to show your vaccine passport.  If you turn up coughing, sweating, no vaccine pass then YOU WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY WITHOUT A REFUND and probably be given a little bit of a bollocking. 

If events have to be cancelled due to a government lockdown, full refunds will be issued. 

If you can no longer make an event because you have developed covid, I'm afraid we cannot issue individual wear a mask, babes!


DON'T PANIC! These were the rules from SEP 21, I've only kept them up for reference in case we need them in the future. 

What is an NHS COVID Pass?

An NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results. This is your COVID-19 status.

Who can get an NHS COVID Pass for domestic events in England?

If you're aged 18 or over, you can get an NHS COVID Pass for travel abroad and domestic events depending on your vaccination status or COVID-19 test results.

What do I need to get an NHS COVID Pass for domestic events?

You need to have one of the following to get a NHS Covid Pass for domestic events:

  1. 2 doses of the Moderna, AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine, or 1 dose of the Janssen vaccine. You are eligible 2 weeks after your 2nd dose (Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer), or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine (Janssen).

  2. A negative PCR test or lateral flow test within the past 48 hours. If you did a lateral flow test at home, you must report your test result on GOV.UK (see below for a step by step guide on this option).

  3. A positive PCR test within the past 6 months. This will mean you have natural immunity. You are eligible after you've finished self-isolating and up to 180 days after taking the test.

How do I get an NHS COVID Pass for domestic events ?

The NHS COVID Pass is available via the NHS App. You can download the NHS App from the App Store or Google Play Store. This is NOT the same as the NHS Covid 19 test and trace App.

You need to be registered with a GP in England to use the NHS App. If you're not registered with a GP, you can still access the NHS Covid Pass via the NHS website or by calling 119 (select NHS COVID Pass service) to request a letter.

It is recommended you register and use the NHS App at least two weeks before our event.

How do I get the NHS App?

To access the service, you’ll need to register for an NHS login. To register for an NHS login you will need to upload a photo of your ID.

I can't download the NHS App, can I access my NHS Covid Pass another way?

You can view your COVID-19 status online and download or print it as a PDF document. To access the service, you’ll need to register for an NHS login if you do not have one already. NHS login registrations may take longer than usual when there are high numbers of requests. Access the NHS COVID Pass via the NHS website

If I want to get my NHS COVID Pass using a negative COVID-19 test result, when do I need to take the lateral flow test?

You should order a stock of free NHS lateral flow tests well in advance of your event. It is expected that there will be a high demand for these in the coming weeks so do not leave it until the last minute. You can also pick these up from some local chemists.

Once your NHS App is set up, within 48 hours before arrival at your event you should take a test. You must register the result on the GOV.UK website. This will automatically link to your NHS App.

Once you have registered your test result, it may take up to two hours to appear in the app so consider doing this the night before you leave for the event.

How do I generate my NHS COVID Pass for domestic events?

Once your negative test result is showing on your App you should do the following:

1. Open the NHS App and log in or log in via the NHS Website.

2. Click ‘Get your NHS COVID Pass’. Click 'domestic'.

3. Your name and QR Code will be displayed. **This is your NHS COVID Pass.**

4. If you’re using your phone, select “Receive an offline copy by email” this will send an email to your chosen address so you can print on your computer. If you are using your computer select “Download PDF copy” and print.

What do I do with my NHS Covid Pass for domestic events?

On arrival at the event you will be asked to present your NHS Covid Pass to prove you have had a negative test.

How long does my NHS Covid Pass for domestic events last for?

A pass generated from a negative lateral flow test expires after 48 hours.

A pass generated from a positive PCR test in the past six months expires 180 days after taking the test.

I'm having problems with the NHS App, can you help?

If you are having issues with your NHS App or getting your NHS Covid Pass you should contact the NHS App support team NOT event organisers.

If the pss becomes obligatory, please remember it's one of the ways that event organisers are working hard to keep party goers safe. If you do not want to use this, then you will not be able to gain entry to Indulge and will not be given a refund.