BIG WEEKEND Frequently asked questions.
I know you have questions - LOTS of questions. Please scroll down to see if we have managed to answer yours below. Otherwise, please email For questions about our normal club nights, please see the FAQ page on the menu above. 

I haven't brought a ticket online, can I still come?

No, no, no, no, no. ALL Tickets MUST be brought in advance. Ticket sales for rooms will end on 15th October, 2020. Instalment plans will end 29th July, 2020. 

Will you do one up north?

No, the whole reason we do weekend events is so that people who are travelling from further distances get to enjoy a whole weekend of activities and make the trip worthwhile. it's worth it, I promise!

Will it matter that I don't know anyone?

Not at all! Weekenders are the perfect way to make new friends in a heartbeat! We'll all be chilling at the bar​ throughout the day, so it's a great chance to join us and just sit in and enjoy a good laugh! We're all happy to see new faces, so you'll never feel like you have to hide in your room - that's not allowed!

I can't make it to this one, when's the next?

At the moment, it is highly doubtful there will be another Big Weekend for a while. Please take advantage whilst you can! Otherwise if everyone said 'I won't go to this, but I'll try the next' we'd never be able to do any events :(

What if we're still on lockdown?

All tickets will be refunded if we are still isolated due to coronavirus. Basically, if the government say we can't do A Thing, then we can't do it. For anything else non national crises-like, tickets are non refundable. However, if you know you can't make it in time, you can always try selling your room on our facebook group.

I live local to Bournemouth, can I just come to the events?

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of problems with people not understanding the rooms are paid for on a per person basis, so a lot of people try to come to events to stay in rooms bought for by our patrons - the hotel will then charge me for each person who stayed. 

This really isn't fair on the people who have paid to stay at the hotel. 

We also find people can feel a bit excluded as we're all spending a weekend together so people will inevitably form friendships with people they're staying close to. 


But we have tried to keep rooms as reasonably priced as we can. Join us for a whole weekend from only £150 per person if you get a twin or double room!

Is there disabled access?

Yes! The hotel has a wheelchair lift from the carpark into the main hotel. There are also accessible rooms. Please email to request a room.


How many people turn up?

Alas, I have no crystal ball so can't ever give you a definitive answer. But we do recommend that ALL Indulge events are for people who prefer quality over quantity. If you just want to come to meet as many people as possible, there are several cattle markets you can go to. If you want to come to meet friends you'll have for life, then we're for you!

I'm not plus size, can I come?

Sure! We welcome all shapes and sizes. However, guys - don't be a creep. You can avoid that in a myriad of ways; joining our facebook group, or coming to a meet-up is a great way to start! You can find details of those on our 'Meet-us' page.

However, if you just want to come and be a creep because you think fat girls are easy, you are not welcome at Indulge. 

What kind of music do you play?

Cheese! All the cheese! From 80's/90's/00 right up to todays chart music. We're calling Halloween an 'AROCKALYPSE' because we'll be throwing a few rock hits in!

What's the dress code?

Ladies - whatever you feel comfortable in, or anything you never had the guts to wear at a 'normal' club.

Gents - remember that our girls look stunning and go to a lot of effort, and I expect the same.

We fully expect LOTS of dressing up on the Saturday! You don't have to go as a zombie, it's just a fun theme to celebrate us all coming back from the dead!

I've seen the rooms cheaper online..

Certainly the hotel will have cheaper rooms online, but we have a special rate that includes parking (£8 a day) Breakfast (£14.95) and 3 course dinner (£19.95) as well as Sunday Lunch, that's all without the extra Indulge activities, such as hiring the DJ, psychic, rooms, pool, and all the extra things that will make it part of the 'Indulge Package' rate. 

Will you be doing any ticket sales?

These are the cheapest rates I can get the rooms down to. You might be able to get a last minute bargain from someone selling their room nearer the time. Email to hear of them when they come up. 

I've read the website, and the itinerary, but I'm an idiot who thinks you're not telling me about the swingers parties and orgies you're going to secretly have..

Can't help you there. If you're the kind of bellend who really does think we're going to get up to anything other than some drinking, dancing, and cheesy karaoke just because you think fat girls are that desperate, then I'll happily take your money and remind you of the 'No Refunds' policy.


Will you be doing a normal Halloween club night in London?

I'm afraid ALL Indulge club nights are cancelled for 2020. We hope to re-open them in 2021.


Come and meet other Indulgers on facebook, or follow us for updates!

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