WEEKENDER Covid Guarantee.


During these incredibly strange times, Indulge is taking things day by day,


That said, it’s time to take a shit or get off the pot when it comes to our Big Weekend. 


Whilst I don’t feel secure in re-opening our club nights until 2021, I feel like the Big Weekends are a much safer environment as the hotel is huge, and the number of people attending is a lot less. Plus all are entirely traceable - unlike club nights.


Everyone’s health is important to me, so with every goody bag you will be given a set of ‘traffic light’ badges. 


Red = ‘I am shielding due to underlying health issues, stay away mother fucker”

Yellow = ‘Please keep to the 1-2m social distancing rule’

Green =  ‘I have taken every precaution, and understand that I am solely responsible for my health’


Why green? Well, I know people come for more than just a bit of friendship, and I don’t want to stop that. But with it comes personal responsibility and liability. i.e - Indulge is not responsible if you get covid because you fancied a snog in the pool.


(Yes, I’m being dramatic, but anyone who is feeling green MUST respect the boundaries of people who are shielding and social distancing.)


To the best of my knowledge, we will be going ahead with the Big Weekend. It won’t be filled to the brim with bodies like our club nights, but it will be a lot of fun with people who are there to make new friends - just like you!



We’re offering a FULL money back guarantee if the government issue another lock-down and the whole event has to be cancelled. You will also be given the choice to postpone until we can do another weekend - with the guarantee you won’t have to pay any extra if we need to charge more for rooms. 


Our guarantee DOES NOT cover you if you cannot make it due to being symptomatic. Please make sure you take as many precautions as you can before the event.