If you're thinking about coming, but don't think your friends will dig it, then don't panic! 

Most of our guests come by themselves, so we have a range of ways to meet us, both on and off line. Use these links to start meeting new friends to come to Indulge with.



15th February 7pm-8pm

The Crutched Friars

39-41 Crutched Friars,

London EC3N 2AE

Hosted by: LEOR

Before each event, some of our lovely regulars like to arrange a Pre-Meet where new people can come and meet each other over a few casual drinks before heading in. Just look out for the plus sized party animals!


Online Chat

It's always a lot more comforting to know people *before* you meet them IRL, so we recommend you join our Facebook community. We don't allow anonymous profiles, so if you don't have facebook you can always keep up to date with our events on Meet up. Click the pics to join.


We also offer a 'Men only' facebook group. Here you can get advice from other blokes about body issues, ask embarrassing questions, or just gaze lovingly at Jeff Goldblum.

Also, our regulars are really tired of seeing men who worry more about what their mates would think of them and their choice of partner rather than actually experience life, love and..well...everything! You're really missing out when you worry about people taking the piss out of you. But none of these chaps will, so start making friends with likeminded people and make a start on a very cool journey to accepting what you love.  (And no, it won't show what you're into on facebook. Christ, aren't you tired of worrying?!)