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Community Events

Community events are activities arranged by our members on a more informal basis. Tickets are used to fund venue hire/refreshments/a tip to the organiser.

We encourage anyone to arrange a community event, be it a board game night, clothes swap...anything! Let your imagination run wild, or just arrange drinks in a pub!
Your job is to find a venue, and gather an audience. Club Indulge will help by posting your event on it's official channels.


Click here if you want to arrange your own community event.

Want to host an event?

Go for it!

We encourage anything! Maybe you like clothes swaps, bowling nights, pub meets, museum mooches, walking tours, games nights, theatre groups...whatever you want. Take a look at our 'How To' and send your suggestion.

If you need a venue, make sure you have contacted a suitable one and pencilled in a date. 

We like to think we've got club nights sorted - after all, those are what keeps the lights on around here - but anything else is fair game!

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