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If you've enjoyed your evening with us, let other people know! We can tell you how great we think Indulge is until we're blue in the face, but it means so much more when it comes from other Indulgers. 

(You can also ask about our events on our facebook and discord groups, but you'll only really know what they're like when you come! In the meantime, I hope these help you see what you're missing!)

Please please please take the leap and go to Club indulge. It’s Mecca for those desperate for somewhere safe to just be who they are. No judgement, no cliques, just acceptance, friendship and laughter. The pre meet is an amazing ice breaker. The night itself is world changing. I’m not joking. You have to experience it to believe it but please please do it!!!! The best experiences of my life. I’ve made the truest friends. I can’t wait to make more!!!


I remember my first Indulge Event like it was yesterday. Anxious just like anyone else, probably asking myself the same questions any newbie would. But everyone was so welcoming, so chatty, smiling. After a few drinks lol I hit the dance floor and had the best time ever. Since then I go every time because it is truly a safe space and Miranda is doing an amazing job ❤️. I would encourage everybody to just come! One time and it will be enough to want more 😀

Ella CT

The first night I was a bit nervous, but so glad I went. I did the pre-meet and then we headed to the club. I thought I'd go once and try it. I loved it! Meeting lots of friendly, non-judgemental people, chatting and generally having a great time. I'm headed back for the 3rd!


Had such a brilliant time, wonderful people, wonderful atmosphere, and I'd love to go again every chance I get!


Had an absolutely wonderful time, super friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.. Cannot wait to attend the next one 😍


I never used to go out because of being judged for being bigger then I was introduced to club indulge and it changed my life. It is a safe space for everyone, such a good night out and no judgement.


Great atmosphere and amazing people. It will always be my happy place.e I get!


I absolutely love induduge the atmosphere is amazing everyone is there to have a good time. No one judges anyone can't wait for the Christmas one



Great place to be and lovely atmosphere! So friendly, loved it and totally a regular now xxx

Ella, via Facebook

We had a great time last night. The music was great and the venue was comfortable! 5 stars and a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this event successful!

Jenny, via Facebook

Great events to meet like minded folk and not be judged, I recommend the weekends away too

Phil, Via facebook

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