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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please email

I'm new/coming alone. Help!


Trust me, you are not alone! We ALL have straight sized friends who just don't 'get it'. A huge portion of people who come to Indulge are in the same situation and The Big Weekends are a great way to meet each other! We offer everything under one roof, so you can't escape having a great natter at the bar. Plenty of people come alone, but they leave with their new BFFs.


We also have a Facebook group, and once you book a ticket you will be sent an invite to our Telegram group so you can meet your fellow weekenders. 

However, nothing is quite like just walking in, and saying 'Hello! I'm new!' and enjoying the best welcome ever :) 

When should I buy my room?

ALL packages MUST be purchased beforehand. We have LIMITED rooms, so make sure you get it sooner rather than later!


Is there disabled access?

Unfortunately there are three steps into the hotel, but once you're in the hotel is accessible. 


How many people turn up?

Alas, I have no crystal ball so can't ever give you a definitive answer. But the hotel has 50 rooms, and we intend to fill them all. We also have more people joining us on Saturday night. ​

I'm not plus size, can I come?

Sure! We welcome all shapes and sizes. However, guys - don't be a creep. Your entry is a privilege, not a right. All our activities are built around plus size people feeling confident & comfortable. Anyone who is being a creep will be asked to leave.

What is the age range?

We welcome all ages, but as we are a PARTY weekend, just be young at heart! Most of our customers are between 25-45 years old, but that's a really rough guess. And someone will still have a go at me for it. 

What ACTUALLY happens at the big weekends?

​There's no secret orgies. We're not a swingers event. We do exactly what it says on the tin - open the doors and allow plus size people to enjoy a drink and a dance in a safe, judgement free atmosphere.

Now go and take a cold shower. 

Will there be a pool party?

The hotel has a small pool, which wouldn't be big enough for a pool party. However, we'll bring plenty of inflatables so you can get your mates down and still enjoy it anytime! I'm sure we'll be having lots of informal meet ups in the pool, but the size just doesn't allow for a party.
Also we can't allow food and drinks in the pool, so 'party' would be pushing it...

I live near Blackpool, do I need to get a hotel room?

As most of the activities are within the hotel, you will need to be a guest. Also we find that anyone coming from the outside will struggle to mix with people who have spent the whole weekend together. But we have a Saturday invite only ticket for £49.99, which includes B&B.

If you know someone with a big weekend ticket, they will have a link which allows you to join us for the Saturday night party AND stay over! You will not be able to purchase one without the invite link.

I've seen rooms listed cheaper elsewhere, can I book there?

The price of our packages cover accommodation, breakfast, dinner and lunch for the Big Weekend. It also includes all the activities and entertainments. If you book elsewhere, you will not be allowed into our mealtimes or activities. You will also be derided as a cheapskate and will not receive any kind or welcome as a portion of the tickets also goes into my time, effort and marketing to make sure you're not sat in a hotel room..alone. 

When is the next one?

Our March Big Weekend sold out within a week, so we took the hint and we're putting another one on in November 2024! 

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