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Indulge: After Dark

Club Indulge is all about nurturing confidence through camaraderie, but we understand that you may like to express that confidence in a very adult, very NSFW way.

In our NEW After Dark parties, we welcome single men, women, non-binary folk, couples, throuples and more into adult parties for all shapes and sizes. We're creating safe, welcoming, private events where you can explore sex and relationships without judgement.

We will do that by setting rules in place, and keeping After Dark events to people we know and trust. 
Club Indulge and After Dark remain two very separate events. Please do not come to Club Indulge club nights expecting 'After Dark' shenanigans. 

After all, what happens at After Dark stays at After Dark ;)


Active informed consent at all times

No means no - from joining in a conversation to anything that happens once the playroom doors are open. Keep asking, keep checking in, and remember it can be taken away at any time.
ASK to chat

ASK to watch

ASK to join in

Respect our venues

Venues may have different rules, please respect them. We also expect your discretion. 

You must have been to an Indulge event.

We want to make sure you are who you say you are! You're welcome to come to any event throughout the year, but your application will not be looked at unless you have been to an Indulge event.
However, we understand getting to London is hard, so in certain circumstances we will also accept a nomination by a standing A.D member

No entitlement!

Do not come with a list of things YOU want someone to do to you. This is about having fun and exploration, NOT fulfilling your fantasy. If you want someone to do particular things to you, hire a sex-worker. 

No I.D, no entry

For safety sake, we will need a valid proof of I.D and address. Bills, drivers license etc. These will all be kept fully confidential, and this is a prerequisite for most events of this nature. 

Don't yuck someone's yum

We all have different tastes, and Indulge: After Dark remains a judgement free zone.
You do not know someone's limits, rules or relationship. Let them play.

Couples - discuss your rules beforehand!

If you come with a partner, make sure you agree your rules first and then actually stick to them. Whilst your couple drama is unbelievably entertaining to watch, we would still prefer it if you just had A Nice Time. 

Moderate your booze, flush your drugs.

No being totally off your face. A few drinks to limber up is fine, but you can't give informed consent if you're totally wrecked. Same for they make you make you boring.

No phone or devices

Phones and devices must be kept out of all areas. We keep a strict 'What happens in After Dark stays in After dark, so please lock up your phones or keep them in your rooms.

Always use protection

Condoms will be available, and you should always  bring your own if you need a specific type. No excuses. Anyone breaking this rule without prior consent is liable to criminal prosecution.

Do not get upset if someone says 'No'

Don't be that dick. Non-negotiable. You're here to have fun with a variety of people, and you getting the hump will do you no favours.

What happens at After Dark STAYS at After Dark

...unless you break a rule. 

Please do not discuss anyone's sexual proclivities, or indulgences or discuss who was at an A.D event. People's relationships are different, and some folks may be coming who need some discretion. We also know that our minds and relationships can change, as well as your enthusiasm for events like this. If you are heard gossiping, you will not be permitted to another indulge event. Extreme privacy at all times!

And finally...

Have fun!

That all sounds like a lot, right? But most of it is nothing more than respect, decency and common sense.  The main thing to remember is that this is a safe space to explore sex and pleasure without worrying about what you look like.

We will hold consent chats and workshops before events just so everyone is clear, and Team Indulge and playroom monitors will be around if you want a chat. We'll also have some sexy icebreakers to help you get to know each other in a less Biblical manner.


For any 'admirers', this is definitely going to be a place more welcoming to you as long as you abide by the rules and stay respectful. Whereas Club Indulge is about plus size people gaining confidence, this is the place where it's about riding your D*ck. You lucky thing. 

Take everything at your own pace, you can stay in a general area, chill out and play board games, or you can dive into a playroom. But take a breath, smile, relax...have fun!


1. Fill in the form to register your interest.

2. Answer the membership questionnaire you will receive via email. The main purpose is to see if we know you from Indulge events - we ask for a picture because I don't remember names, and barely remember faces. We're not basing anyone's admittance on attractiveness, it just helps us to know who you are. 


3. Return form.

Please allow us a little time to check we know you. If you are accepted, we will ask an annual membership fee to cover the admin costs of keeping you updated about events. We will not open our books unless we have events planned. 

We do not put After Dark event on general public sale - all events are invite only. Instead, you will have access to a private whatsapp/telegram announcement group which will have all the details of every event when we have them. Our facebook group is available for general chat, but you will not be admitted unless you participate in the Club Indulge facebook group, or have been to a normal Club Indulge event.


4. Membership fee.

A nominal Membership Fee covers admin costs, and ensures our contacts are serious about attending. 


Single women - £20 - 2 YEARS

Single men - £30 - 2 YEARS

Couples - £40 - 2 YEARS



Have you been to a Club Indulge event?

Thanks for submitting!

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