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Meet other newbies and our delightful regulars beforehand so you don't have to walk in alone!


Most of the people who come to Indulge came alone, but they keep coming back because they met their new BFFs. They met people who looked like them, and found their tribe - so I just know you can too!

 Before each event, we invite regulars and newbies alike to come to a casual drink where you can chat to others in the same situation, and not feel like you need to stand at the bar waiting for someone to talk to you! We post where we can about them, but it's always best to check here just before each event to find out where we will be - and JOIN US!

Next Pre-meet

4th May 2024

7PM-8.30PM - Crutched Friars pub, 39-41 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE (10 second walk from The Windsor)

These are really informal, so we can't always guarantee who or how many people will be there! We TRY to get the big table on the left as you walk in, but if we're not there then just look out for the nervous plus size people :)

Crutched Friars.jpeg


Chat to other Indulgers if you're still feeling shy.

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