Big Weekends

A whole weekend where we provide a fab, fat-friendly atmosphere with everything under one roof!

Tickets include: accommodation, breakfast, dinner, all indulge activities and a unique opportunity to meet new friends. ​Whilst we set up as many activities as we can, the best parts are always hanging out in the bar meeting everyone, using the pool without inhibitions, and just feeling like you're in a safe space to enjoy yourself!


We know a lot of people are scattered throughout the country and can't always get to our London events, so we host an annual Big Weekend where everyone can get together and enjoy THREE WHOLE DAYS of Indulge! 

These are body positive, fat-friendly places where you can relax and enjoy yourself no matter what size you are with activities all under one roof.

Sadly, we have had to cancel our upcoming Halloween weekender as our usual lovely hotel has now changed hands. But if you want to come along to one in the future, please sign up to our mailing list below and we'll be in touch when we have a new one arranged!

If you have any other questions feel free to email, or join our Facebook group to see why our members love these events!

PS - Take a look at our itinerary for our wild, party animal shenanigans, like BINGO! Kerrr-azy..


Big Weekends officially start on Friday, but we have arrange reduced rates with the hotel for accommodation either side. This gives you the option to come down early and start to meet just some of the people you will be spending the weekend with.


Registration &  reception 

Collect your goodie bags and meet & mingle in the bar. Our speed meet let's you all have a quick introduction to  before grabbing dinner, and singing the night away with our Karaoke!


Morning Meet-up

If your heads not too sore, come and enjoy our morning activity. This might be a clothes swap (where we can bring clothing we've been meaning to clear, and can all rummage through for new fashion treasures!), a psychic show, board games, or even a quick D&D quest! 

Pool Party!!

We'll be taking over the hotel pool, putting on some tunes, and letting loose with our tropical themed pool party! Yes, you can definitely wear that bikini! 

Dinner followed by Club Indulge

A good old fashioned club night,  just like what we're good at! 


Bingo/Pub Quiz

Something a little more sedate for those sore heads? Don't count on it..

Farewell Sunday Lunch

Enjoy a three course Sunday lunch and say farewells to your new pals. But it's ok, you'll see them next year!

We will also arrange reduced Bed & Breakfast rates for anyone who wants to stay Sunday night for a fresh journey home on Monday.

We are currently looking for a friendly, non-judgemental hotel to host our Big Weekends in.


Location and date is not as important as finding the right, unpretentious establishment who will welcome a fun loving, respectful bunch of people.

And the regular 20k that comes with us. 

If you run a hotel that can help, email

If you want to know when we have one arranged, join our mailing list.