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The Basics.

Club Indulge is a range of fun, fabulous, plus-size friendly events throughout the UK. 

We have been running since 2013 as a club night FOR plus-size people run BY plus size people. 

Our events are a great place for anyone of any size to feel comfortable, and make new friends who know what it's like to live in a world that is constantly trying to shrink them

The Practical Bits

The Waffle

Most of our club nights take place in London, with Big Weekend in Blackpool and Bradford.


                 If you don't live nearby, there are certain events we recommend you travel for - Halloween and Valentine parties are always the biggest events of the year, so worth the journey to London.


Big Weekends are designed to give you an amazing few days full of parties and events which work out as a more cost effective alternative than London Hotels.  

At the moment we're in The Windsor, which is dinky but has a bar and a dance floor so does the job. If you run a suitable venue we can use, please get in touch!

For getting to know people and asking questions, our facebook group is pretty nifty. Our discord channel is new but enthusiastic! There are also pre-meet which take place before the events if you're new or shy about coming alone. We also have a Whatsapp announcements group where we will tell you about upcoming events, but without the chat.

We sell a limited amount of tickets online for £10, but you can ALWAYS buy tickets on the door.

£12 B4 10pm, £15 after. Last entry is midnight. 

Yeah, yeah - we know there is no perfect moniker for our audience; you might hate the term fat, or BBW, or plus size or body positivity. But don't judge us on the words, come to the events and see what we do for yourself. 


Our events have welcomed hundreds into a warm, friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere. Our Big Weekends offer a fat-friendly mini-break in hotels throughout the UK. We welcome anyone of any size, shape, age, gender, operating system, planetary alliance...


..what we DO NOT welcome is anyone who thinks fat girls are easy, or wants to treat anyone with disrespect.

We don't offer one-off 'Instagrammable' events, we're more spit n' sawdust where you know that if you turn up alone, you'll soon be dancing with the drunk girls you met in the loo after some 2-4-1 cocktail jugs!

Our age range varies and we love cheesy music, hate cattle markets, and we want you to make friends for life. 

We have first hand knowledge of the kind of camaraderie and freedom you can enjoy when you are surrounded by people who have had the same fatphobic experiences as you.


Many of us also know how hard it is to come to these kind of events alone (after all, our straight-size pals just 'might not get it') therefore we are always enthusiastic to welcome new members, and help them on their journey to confidence. Even arriving alone, you'll soon make friends for life. 

(We have a strict 'No Creeps' policy, but we get that the plus size dating scene is small and toxic. So any so-called 'admirers' must understand their admittance is a privilege not a right. At best they are barely tolerated, and any creepy behaviour will be swiftly dealt with, both on-line and at events. Chucking creepy men out is our favourite part!)

Still more questions? Try our FAQ.

Look, at some point you just have to be brave, put your big pants on, and take a chance. Get off your arse and join in! 

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